Existentialism in the Age of #SocialMedia

Consider the following: for marketers and the would-be disruptive, ‘going viral’ is the holy grail. They speak in reverent tones of the Gangam Style video and dream of emulating that success. Success? Gangam was a one-hit wonder and therefore makes the artist behind it (Psy) a musical sibling of Right Said Fred, The Floaters and more recently The Darkness. Is that really something to aspire to? I’d rather be The Rolling Stones.

News – huh! – What is it Good For? (Say it again)

Have you ever seen the once-familiar in a whole new light? Looked really hard at something (or someone) previously taken for granted, and regarded it/them completely differently? It happened to me once at junior school. I remember staring at one of my then friends. It was strange. It was like I was doing so for the very first time. A train … Continue reading News – huh! – What is it Good For? (Say it again)


We now sing the polyphonic song of life in two-tone binary. Off and on. White and black. One and zero. We ape the machine; twenty first century man seeks to emulate it, to become it. Humanity is being asphyxiated by the terametres of category five cable that repeatedly circumnavigates the globe, until the only colour visible from space will soon be the grey of plastic sheathing.