Trippin’ With Rob

(for DJ Rob Luis)

Grey now
Older and
More portly perhaps
But when slotted into his place in
The cosmic mesh
He is ageless.

He turned me out like
It was nineteen ninety-three
When I was fleeter of foot
And most definitely free.
Last night I floated above
Dense cloud
And found myself
Dancing under cobalt skies
Some kind of sunshine

Robert guided me there
On the gentlest of aural winds
A delicate gust here and there
Took me higher still
My role became
Turning the manna
That Robert served
Into inspiration and movement
Into three-d love

In this world we have
Horror, hardship and pain
We have politics
We have Trump.
But nights like these
Reveal the light
Uncover the glittering reality
Beyond the clouds of Maya

Few only
Can take us there
Rob Luis
Stands amongst
That number


Jazz. Rooms.


Original Jazz Rooms poster from 1995

It is nineteen ninety-three perhaps, or maybe ninety four.

Whatever the year, it is certainly late. It is nearly one o’clock in the morning.

We are in a dark roughhouse basement room. The walls are carelessly painted in a matt black emulsion as are the wooden benches that occupy various spaces around the perimeter. However, it is far too dark to make out any of these features clearly. There is also the odd cluster of more comfortable seating – little wooden stools with upholstered seats, and maybe a low table amongst them. That is as good as it gets here.

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