Existentialism in the Age of #SocialMedia

Consider the following: for marketers and the would-be disruptive, ‘going viral’ is the holy grail. They speak in reverent tones of the Gangam Style video and dream of emulating that success. Success? Gangam was a one-hit wonder and therefore makes the artist behind it (Psy) a musical sibling of Right Said Fred, The Floaters and more recently The Darkness. Is that really something to aspire to? I’d rather be The Rolling Stones.

News – huh! – What is it Good For? (Say it again)

Have you ever seen the once-familiar in a whole new light? Looked really hard at something (or someone) previously taken for granted, and regarded it/them completely differently? It happened to me once at junior school. I remember staring at one of my then friends. It was strange. It was like I was doing so for the very first time. A train … Continue reading News – huh! – What is it Good For? (Say it again)