JD in Bed

cropped-cropped-dsc_0008.jpg(This post was originally drafted on 22nd February 2015. Publishing today as a tribute to Jenny Diski who died aged 68 on the 28th April 2016. I was a huge fan)

Right now I’m in that bed – the one in the header image of this blog.

Coincidentally the bedclothes are the same as in the photograph (I do have numerous other sets – like I said, coincidence). The cat (Morris) is curled up next to me and we’re both enjoying beaucoup du soleil.

I’m still feeling the lovely wooliness from the ganja-on-toast that I enjoyed last night (I gave up all smoking about ten years ago but still enjoy getting stoned occasionally). So what else is there to do but chill in bed and write (plenty actually, I want to go downtown and take some photographs. I also want play some jazz on my guitar. I’ll be out busking later this year – and don’t mention the garden…) Continue reading


Still Learning

There’s always more to people than meets the eye.

Take me for instance.

wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbI can be critical and evaluative as will be immediately apparent from my other posts on this site. Certainly, as one who seeks to cultivate that cool beloved of writers, I like to come across in my prose as ironic, objective and knowing. The result of this affectation is that it is sometimes difficult for me to reveal other (perhaps more genuine) aspects of my personality. This difficulty is nothing cognitive or philosophical – it’s emotional. The truth be told, it’s foolish embarrassment. In a writer’s world where only knowing irony is respected highly (or so I believe), I’m sometimes a little ashamed to be my other self.

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2015 Ahoy!


Shoreline. Photo by Montag

I’ve bought myself a new ChromeBook. It’s great aside from the knowledge that Google could be, or actually are, tracking everything that I do on this computer. It’s not really a problem though because I’m simply using this cheap and cheerful device as a glorified portable typewriter.

All the really dodgy work is done on my offline PC at home. Only joking Mr Google surveillance man! Don’t arrest me!

So here we are in the 2015 and I’ve survived the first week back at work, indeed I’m filled with that post-survival heroism, thinking that my employment isn’t so bad and I might even achieve great things this year. Yeah, right. Remind me of that again on Wednesday around about 15.39. Continue reading