Shout Outs I


The little volume of mine which I referenced in a previous post and which ennobles some of the poetry I’ve posted here over the past few years can currently be found at a few cafés and establishments around central Sheffield (e.g. Dina Diner, Union St Cafe and Fusion Cafe). It’s free – I mean would anyone buy it really – and it is only a limited run; fifty in fact. They are all numbered, art style (e.g. ‘3/50’).

The book contains various shout outs, directed at individuals or organisations that have inspired me in recent times. The poem in the photo above is me bigging up the How The Light Gets In festival and its curator Hilary Lawson. This particular poem makes reference to many of the speakers and artists that I have enjoyed at the festival including: Robert Rowland Smith, Steve Fuller, Tankus and the Henge, The Correspondents, Mary Midgley, David Nutt and more.

More example shout outs  to be posted in the coming weeks. The next one might be you!

M x


Le Retour

Hello! I’m back!

It’s been a while but I’m very pleased to be active on WordPress again. I will immediately begin posting my usual mish-mash of poetry, blogs and the occasional essay. I must admit I missed it. I was of course continuing to write while I was away but I missed the feedback and the likes – they help a writer to feel that they are not simply shouting into the void.

I have been busy in other ways too. I published a small volume of my collected recent works. There are only fifty copies and if you are lucky enough to live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and you frequent some of the better cafés and arts spots in the city centre, then you’ll be able to get your hands on one.

Collection 2

Aside from that, I am really pleased to be back on WordPress and am looking forward to sharing vibes with you soon.

Montag x


Hi all,

I’m going to be making Revolution From My Bed unavailable for a little while. This is because over the next few months, I shall be contacting publishers to see if anyone is interested in setting my work down in print.

Wish me luck!

Naturally if I fail in this mission I’ll be back. If I succeed however, I’ll still be back, but with a link to my shiny new collection.

See you soon I hope!

Montag x


Not No More

I can’t pretend
Not no more
Not no longer
I can’t talk a good game
About numbers and profit
Can’t beam with fake
Excitement at being
Given more of the same
To do
Even the money don’t
Its potential for
Transformation into
Material things is
Far less important
To me now.

I wanna chase
To the place
Where the
Sunset sky
Meets the horizon
Make music
Sounds and art
And read.
No more of this materialistic
Claptrap of benefit
To no-one

Now there’s a thought
Shall I do it?

When We Didn’t Know What We Were Doing

(For Jessica York)

We were young then.

Or should that be younger

We didn’t know what we were doing

We don’t now, but hindsight clarifies the folly of our youth.

As living blurs the folly of now.

But even so, our dreams were filled with love,

Creativity and (the need for) self expression.

So down to Betterton Street we went

And Jessica agreed,

So we gathered to read our words,

Send out our vibes

And share our love.

We’re older now.


And less social

But still have the need to express ourselves

In poetry

But back then defined us.

Beautful moments in our lives which I suspect will echo in eternity.

So thank you Jess

For you helped these children boogie

Strange Deliberations of the Fates

If you were to have entered that room you would certainly have been taken aback. In fact, it was much less a room, more a cavernous space. Within, there was an unfathomable number of little beings rushing around, busily engaged in various tasks. They – the beings – were odd-looking. All were naked, although the concept meant less to them as they didn’t have any private parts to hide or expose. Their skin was a pleasant grey-brown colour and their heads were small and oval (wider than they were high). A pair of attractive almond eyes – like a cat’s – were set in each head.

The frenetic activity was taking place on a dizzying variety of horizontal levels in the space. The majority of the creatures were working at floor level, but there were also others who were busy on multiple mezzanine levels. Some were even suspended in mid-air from harnesses, gliding like trapeeze artists between levels and workstations. Lights, dials and screens entirely covered the walls and desks and this equipment was the focus of the beings’ attention. The centrepiece of everything was an enormous table set on the ground floor, upon which was a miniature landscape. The model was covered in thousands (or maybe, millions or billions) of small figures, which reminded me of plastic toy soldiers. A cluster of the alien beings surrounded the table and were engaged in what seemed like heated discussion.

I couldn’t understand their burbling, high-pitched language, however I later learned what they were talking about. Apparently, it was along the lines of the following. Continue reading