Soul Bait

They dangle it From up high. Through the rippling Surface, You may see the sun And think this Easy manna from Above. But Beware beautiful Brave soul For attached to The prize Is a hook And attached to the hook May soon be you. In our modern existence We carelessly tag this Click bait As … Continue reading Soul Bait

The Imperative

Our modern-shiny-bright Digital world Is stuffed full of imperatives. The language of the era Might be described the Casual imperative 'Click here' 'Sign up' 'Down load' 'Enter your details' And we do And we are diminished. Never forget To negate the imperative With a well-thought 'Get lost'

Kitty Said

(for Kitty Sterling) Kitty said Leonard said That thing about Cracks and light Getting in. Kitty said That modern society's problem Is that the cracks Have been filled in And papered over In the name of Convenience And Progress