Soul Bait

They dangle it
From up high.
Through the rippling
You may see the sun
And think this
Easy manna from

Beware beautiful
Brave soul
For attached to
The prize
Is a hook
And attached to the hook
May soon be you.

In our modern existence
We carelessly tag this
Click bait
As may fish
If they could verbalise
Call it bite bait
The reality for fish
Is that it is their
Which the angler seeks.

And for us,
Boys and girls,
We should know
That they who send
Down the treats
Seek to impale
Our essence.
Our very souls.


Soon Gone

We dance here
As if at 3am
In blackest
Of shebeens
Beer and spliff in hand.

We imagine an
Eternity of existence
Here on this
Mortal dance floor
The break of day
That must be
Can surely
Never be
To you and me

But friends
I’m soon gone
It won’t be so long
I still dance
Leave imprints on the floor
So that maybe someone
Will recognise that
I went before


“Are you broken?”
Destiny asked.
I answered mournfully
In the affirmative.
“Good”, she smiled.
“Why is it good?”
I protested,
“Are you not supposed
To be my friend?”
She hugged me warmly
And gave a gentle laugh.
“It is because I
Am your friend
That I prune your
Wings so that they
May grow ever more
Capacious. So that
When you fly
– and fly you shall –
You will soar upon
Gentle currents
Watching with bemusement
The little dramas

“Weep your tears”
She said. “They are
Water for the life-soil
In which you stand.
Consume the love,
Which itself is
Consuming you
For that is fuel
For your soul
And allow me
To prune your wings
For it is this
Which will enable

Trippin’ With Rob

(for DJ Rob Luis)

Grey now
Older and
More portly perhaps
But when slotted into his place in
The cosmic mesh
He is ageless.

He turned me out like
It was nineteen ninety-three
When I was fleeter of foot
And most definitely free.
Last night I floated above
Dense cloud
And found myself
Dancing under cobalt skies
Some kind of sunshine

Robert guided me there
On the gentlest of aural winds
A delicate gust here and there
Took me higher still
My role became
Turning the manna
That Robert served
Into inspiration and movement
Into three-d love

In this world we have
Horror, hardship and pain
We have politics
We have Trump.
But nights like these
Reveal the light
Uncover the glittering reality
Beyond the clouds of Maya

Few only
Can take us there
Rob Luis
Stands amongst
That number


Are gurus.

They lead the dance
On a stage
Under blazing lights.
Bathed in adoration.

Others inspire humankind
With thought, intelligence
Kindness or proficiency.

Am not to be found
In such exalted circumstance
I am he who receives no honour
Knows no pedestal

I console myself
With the knowledge
That I am


I bring people
and things –
Ideas –

Integrate B and Z
Petals and copper
And watch the sparks of
Divine creativity

I am guided
In this
My only enterprise
Love –
As it is
God and man.

I decode the
Dots and dashes
Of my emotional turmoil
Into instructions
For my singular ability.

That of

Surfing Again

I thought

I was done with surfing.

I had enjoyed the

Late-life experience

Of roaming oceans on

A polished plank of



Back on the beach

Prawn kebab and beer in hand

I thought “it’s finished”.

Surfing now simply

A story to regale them with

In later/other life.


But staring at the sea


I felt its call

Its primal pull.

And this afternoon I found myself


Waxing the surface

Of my precarious vehicle.

Not even remembering how

I had entered the shed –

So dazed am I.


Big swells are coming they say.

I fear

And hope

That I’ll be out there.

2018 – All You Need is?

Hey world.

I wonder what 2018 has in store for us?

In 2017 I think I was guilty of getting a little too involved in the ups and downs of the world or more accurately, maya. I should have listened a little harder to the wise souls such as Miss Emily J. Hart, whose message is simply, just love.

The tiniest amount of reflection illuminates all the reasons why they are perfectly correct. And when the time comes for me to dance off this stage, the thing I’m going to miss most is the regular opportunity to love. You know, it really is everything. It’s a message that you have heard from The Beatles through Juan Mascaro to our very own Emily J. These guys are exhorting us to do the only thing that matters.

So my meditation for 2018 is a simple one. More love.

Peace all.