New Me

Hello everyone. Things had gone a little quiet here recently so I have taken the opportunity to engage in a spot of spring cleaning here on Revolution From My Bed. You'll notice that there is a lovely new theme which is smashing. I've also cleared out a lot of the dreary pieces I published here … Continue reading New Me


In respect of a particular type of emotional exorcism, all I can do is write. Some folks, I guess, turn to paints and oils for distraction, others maybe to drink and drugs (I've already done that and it seems to have made things worse). So, I write. I attempt to purge the obsessional poison out … Continue reading Purge


Hi all, I'm going to be making Revolution From My Bed unavailable for a little while. This is because over the next few months, I shall be contacting publishers to see if anyone is interested in setting my work down in print. Wish me luck! Naturally if I fail in this mission I'll be back. … Continue reading TTFN