I was sat beside Robert
Roland. He was stripping away
The layers of convention and
Getting to the heart of
His belief in the soul.

He drank champagne
And spoke like it too.

I tripped over the
Extended leg of Lev
He made a joke about
Particles and interference
I made an uncharacteristically
Witty and urbane
Response. He rewarded
Me with conversations
About worlds.

I talked poetry, language
And Africa with Janne,
And God with Peter Atkins

Mary Midgley was there too
And I had to keep them
Apart. She winked at me and
Bared her right bicep.

“I’ve a wicked left hook”
She twinkled mischeviously.

Then Steve burst into the room
Verbally jousting with Tankus
And the Henge. The Correspondents
Appeared and Justin rose from
His dining position and
Manned the decks.

Bruce leapt onto
The table and kicked
The crockery on the floor.

A plate struck Hilary on
The temple and I
Thought he was going to cry,
But with a surprisingly
Deft manoeuvre he jumped
Onto the table top and showed
Mr Bruce how to soca-rumba.

By now Roland was flirting with
Janne and Paul was showing
His muscles to Susan.

David Nutt was rolling spliffs for
Everyone in the kitchen
While Steve Fuller attempted to
Deconstruct the goings on.

The psychologists danced with
Each other and tuneless
Physicists sang.

I ordered another bottle of Perrier
Jouet and took one of David’s joints.

It was going to be a wonderful night.


International Klein Blue

In my dreams
I stand nervously
My toes curl around
The edge of hard
Sharp concrete
And I am scared.
I am exhilarated
As I dive right into
International Klein Blue

Something strange
Takes me over
Depth made actual
Infinity tangible
With eyes open
I drink blue
I consume blue
I become blue
And blue is me

The secrets of the cosmos
Reveal themselves to me
When I swim in
International Klein Blue
And the secret is love.

Is this

I may emerge
In another universe
Or in the day after tomorrow
But for this instant
I remain
Where everything is one
Reduced to the heartbeat of love.

We all can do this.
You too.
I’ll see you,
Buddy, soon
International Klein Blue.

(for Yves Klein)