These dividing lines that are so dear to some are so um, artificial. It's like I'm in group A and you're in group B based on um, spuriously selected characteristics. You tell me there's a reality behind those characteristics; centuries of norms - in-group and out-group. So, um, are you sayin' we've just been herded … Continue reading Delineation

Bifurcation Point

We gird our loins; ready ourselves for holy war to protect our icons, our clan, our superiority. Our morals - advanced as they are - cannot be permitted to be sullied; diluted by the others.We heed the voice of our cheerleaders. Urging us on; for England. For the bright shining greatness of white.We stare into … Continue reading Bifurcation Point

All Change

Caught Between two Worlds: Yesterday And Tomorrow. Yesterday contains a Familiar Womb-like quality But It is a black hole A dangerous void To wihich We should never Return. Tomorrow Holds The promise of Peace, wisdom And joy; The discernment Of the Real From the unreal. And today? Today We are like a Rattlesnake. Contorting. Trying … Continue reading All Change