Fly With Me


Eagle Flying High. Photo by Montag

Well then, it certainly seems like poetry is the thing for me at the moment.

If you, dear reader, understood anything about the real Montag (although me understanding myself is something that I continually struggle with!), you’d know that I am first a poet. Everything else is secondary: prose writing, music, art, photography – they all play second fiddle to the yearnings of my poetic heart.

I starting scribbling in my early teens and continued throughout adulthood. During early manhood I needed to keep it concealed because, where I grew up, poetry was most definitely not cool. At college and university I found souls who understood the poetic aspect of me – and that was wonderful. Shortly afterwards, I started an early internet poetry zine, which attracted quite a bit of love at the time. We held events in London and even published an anthology.

Throughout all of this I was variously musician, songwriter, rapper, writer, geek, all-round no-mark and various other things besides. Nevertheless, the truest me is the poet. I still love prose and will continue to publish it here, but poetry is immediate and easy to fashion. If one has only a sliver of free time between obligations, one can still produce something amazing.

Also – in these crazy times where down is up and up is left and there is ranting and analysis and noise rising to a deafening and disorienting crescendo. I find that poetry – both my own and others’ – is the only thing that really seems to make sense.

I’m at the airport right now, beer in hand, about to fly to Madrid. If you too need freedom, and to want to feel the wind of liberation and joy rush through your hair, then leave the noise behind. Dig poetry and come fly with us.

Merry Christmas xx



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