Why Am I Here?

Philosophy is a favourite subject of mine on this blog, and it would be reasonable to assume from the title of this post that this is going to be some detailed treatise about the meaning of life or some such.

Thankfully for us both (me: because I don’t have much time tonight, and you: because you will be spared some terse pseudo-intellectual waffle), this isn’t the case. This blog is my response to the first assignment on the March blogging101 course which I’ve signed up for.

I’m not really sure why I joined this thing. Maybe for some more followers or readers – or perhaps to meet interesting folk in the blogosphere. Either way I’ve done it, and now I have to give up part of my evening to explain why I am here.

By “here” my blogging101 taskmasters are referring to wordpress.com, so without further ado I’m going to explain the reason for this blog’s existence.

I consider myself a citizen of the world, and I currently reside in a city in the north of the UK. I enjoy writing and thinking about life and all its mystery. I also love music, dancing and existing in a sometime bohemian fashion. This involves drinking too much, getting high occasionally and behaving like one who is aware that our time here is short.

I like to read – everything from novels (Jenny Diski, Graham Greene) to serious non-fiction (Kierkegaard, Juan Mascaro, Jaron Lanier). I’ve a couple of degrees to my name which have only served to teach me how little I know. I’m at heart a spiritual dude, but you wouldn’t always guess that from my behaviour but hey, books and covers, etc.

I’m “here” because I need to exorcise ideas. I get theories, remembrances and poetry which bloom inside my mind and cry to be transplanted out in the world; under the sunlight of attention, and that’s what this blog is all about. The readership isn’t that great, but that’s not the point. This is the little citadel in my life where I can be true to me, and not really worry about what anyone thinks.

I really hope that people like these scribblings, but if they don’t they’ll just click away to more interesting things, and I won’t have to compromise. I’d love to be popular on here but it doesn’t matter if I’m not. My inspiration in this comes partly from an alien character named ‘Eye’ in an amazing little science fiction short story entitled Specialist by the outrageously talented and woefully underrated Robert Sheckley:

“Even in this emergency, Eye couldn’t resist making verses. He announced that he was at work on a new narrative poem, called ‘Peripheral Glow’. No one wanted to hear it, so Eye fed it to Thinker, who stored everything, good or bad, right or wrong.”


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