2015 Ahoy!


Shoreline. Photo by Montag

I’ve bought myself a new ChromeBook. It’s great aside from the knowledge that Google could be, or actually are, tracking everything that I do on this computer. It’s not really a problem though because I’m simply using this cheap and cheerful device as a glorified portable typewriter.

All the really dodgy work is done on my offline PC at home. Only joking Mr Google surveillance man! Don’t arrest me!

So here we are in the 2015 and I’ve survived the first week back at work, indeed I’m filled with that post-survival heroism, thinking that my employment isn’t so bad and I might even achieve great things this year. Yeah, right. Remind me of that again on Wednesday around about 15.39.

But 2015 is shaping up interestingly in my head and in the world at large. In my head because there is so much going on. I can’t blog or type this stuff quickly enough. To be fair, I could actually do a Kierkegaard and settle down into glorious reclusiveness for the next five years and churn out a series of books that no one takes notice of.

Having said that, Soren got lucky. A good while after he died, his books became popular and people are still talking about him two centuries later.

You might be wondering as to the specifics of that which is happening inside my head. Well, let me bullet point some of the key topics for you:

  • I’d like to acquire some new Twitter followers
  • Finish my novel Manleefield
  • Write a short book or paper building on my last book Making Light Work. I’d call it The Teleology of Work
  • There’s a social media app which I’ve designed and would love to code in Ruby. It’s quite different and could be a hit.
  • #TrainJam – a crazy little social media experiment
  • I haven’t DJed in earnest for a few years now. I’m thinking about planning a new night:
    • Proper mid-twentieth century Jazz
    • Chill
    • Dancefloor jazzy, beatific loveliness
    • Slow dancefloor grooves
  • I need to get my guitar out. Maybe join up with the jazzers in the city and get some jamming in.
  • I have a ticket to a philosophy/music festival in the spring!
  • I have a ticket to the best music festival in the world in summer!

So that’s my plan for 2015. It’ll be nice to check back against this list in 2016 to see where we are. Or maybe we will be picking through the post-apocalyptic rubble.

In the world, big shit is kicking off. I feel Europe – cuddly old Europe which we’ve grown up with: tolerant, liberal, accepting – might be veering back to its extreme past. You know torture, execution, intolerance. All that stuff that used to happen in the 19th century and before. I mean, don’t kid yourselves – slavery and the guillotine was still legal in the 19th century. We’ve only been liberal for a blink of evolutionary time.

Certain elements in other parts of the world have no truck with the liberal thing, and appear to be goading us with their illiberalism. Whatever your view of religion and whether you see Jesus Christ as earthly manifestation of deity, historical figure or product of mythology, you have to accept that ‘turn the other cheek’ is great advice (if extremely difficult to put into practice – although Gandhi managed it). Each time we fail to heed that advice we move back just a little more to our barbaric past.

What happens when we become extreme? Then it’s extreme versus extreme and that ain’t ever good.

We need a turnaround (and not a jazz one – muso joke). It’s sad that this often comes out of adversity. Can we for once do it of our own free volition. Start a movement. Post-modern hippies. Soulful and spiritual. Our inspiration and highest principles could be taken from the non-violent and the wise. Folk like Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Kant. Philosophies like yoga, Buddhism. If such a movement got a grip on the world and refuted the tenets of now (that’s spiraling greed and violence, kids), I think things would change for the better.

Let’s take back the Internet. Reform it as a pluralist playground (once again). If they won’t let us do that, create our own – the undernet (IPX/SPX anyone?). I dunno. We could do good things. Let’s not let hope die.

Well that’s it for now. I’m out. Enjoy your day.


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