Don’t Go Digital

Don’t go digital
People of the world.

Digital is a venus fly trap
An angler fish
The gossamer silk of the black widow.

Why would you want to discard
Paper and ink and vinyl
Or even flesh and blood
For pixelated promises of a better tomorrow.

They tempt you with comfort, with ease-of-use
With the ability to do that only imagined in dreams.

The cheese on the trap.

They seek to harvest your soul
To manipulate your meaning
To track and measure and crunch you
To their own avaricious ends.

They seek not a better tomorrow for your sweet soul
No, your discarded material husk will be testament to that fact
When they are done with you.

Beware this melody known well to sirens

Dance around the off and on,
The black and white
The zero and one
Dance as only you, ineffable analogue child of infinity and cosmic dust,

No, don’t go digital
Stay as lovely and human as you are.


One thought on “Don’t Go Digital

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